Northern Lights

The Northern Lights

A light phenomenon caused by charged solar particles entering the Earth’s atmosphere, The Northern Lights turn the sky into the most spectacular light display you’ve ever seen. On a dark, cloudless night at the far tip of the Northern hemisphere, you might be lucky enough to witness ribbons of dancing pinks, shooting rays of green and rippling curtains of colours in the sky above you.

Also know as the Aurora Borealis, this incredible show is most commonly seen from the countries that border the Arctic Circle, such as Norway, Greenland, Iceland and the state of Alaska in the USA. The best time of year to see them is between April and August, from 5 o’clock in the evening until 2 o’clock in the morning.

Your Northern Lights holiday

The range of travel opportunities available to take you to see the Northern Lights is wide and exciting. One of the most popular routes is circumnavigating the Norwegian coastline in a luxury cruise boat, on your way to the North. Not only will you be able to spot whales and other sea life over the side of the deck, but you’ll also get an extraordinary view of something that should be on everyone’s bucket list; the Norwegian fjords. These watery inlets are characterised by their steep walls, remote pastoral landscapes and air of serene tranquillity.

Along the way, you’ll no doubt visit the art nouveau architecture of Alesund, the picturesque harbour at Bergen and the gothic cathedral of Trondheim; a city heavily influenced by its Viking heritage. Once you reach Trømso, commonly referred to as the ‘Gateway to the Arctic’, look up! You could be in for some dazzlingly lit skies.

Other tours to The Northern Lights include a stay in a heated cabin in Canada, an overnight in an igloo amidst the pine forests of Finnish Lapland and a swim in the seemingly bottomless, naturally heated Blue Lagoon in Reykjavik, Iceland.

Northern Lights tour operators

Here at Aspen Travel, we partner with well-respected tour operators to bring you the very best all-inclusive holidays, by the people who are experts in their particular locations. When you ring us to chat about your destination preferences and budget, we’ll be able to match you to the holidays that might suit you best. For instance, if you want to cruise around the fjords as well as see the lights, we can heartily recommend Hurtigruten, Viking Cruises, Riviera Travel and Scenic.

If you prefer your travel to be inland, we might point you in the direction of tours offered by Exodus, Great Rail Journeys or Titan Travel. Saga is great for meeting likeminded souls on an over 50s break, while Kuoni, will sort you out with a luxury stay in Canada’s Yukon Province. Give us a call to find out more about the packages we offer and we can begin the booking process for you.

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