Baros Island Resort

Resort: Baros Island
Operator: Gold Medal
Destination: Maldives
Price From: £2250.00


Turquoise waters lap at white-sand shores. Towering palms rustleoverhead.Welcome to Baros, a natural paradise with a lush island canopy, just 25 minutes by speedboat from the Maldives’ international airport. We’ve been welcoming guests since 1973,and havespent decadeshoning our services and cultivating our environment, crafting what we believe is a legendary resort. Today, we’re one of the most loved Maldives resorts, and we’re excited to show you what makes us so special.


The Baros sun warms your deck. An ocean breeze ripples across your pool.

Baros is one of the top resorts in Maldives, tucked away in a natural jungle, leaves rustling overhead, sounds of the sea and splashing waves. Whether you stay over the water or on our jungle-covered shoreline, you’re surrounded by our greens and blues, with all of Baros within close reach. Rise early to greet the day and experience our early-morning hours in their perfect stillness. Stay up late and watch the stars from your deck. Spend your days exploring our flourishing house reef, a quick paddle away. Privacy, serenity and comfort; each of these villas at Baros Maldives is a world of its own, with everything you could possibly need.

Dining at Baros

Step aboard adhonifor adinnercruise for two.Or head to the Piano Deck with your own private chef, for an exclusive gourmet meal. Or settle in at The Lighthouseto watch the sunset with cocktails and canaps. At thesegourmet Restaurants in Baros, every meal is yours to savour, every bite designed to inspire. We’ve been creating culinary magic here for more than 40 years, taking the time to perfectclassic dishes, while innovating with new techniques and ingredients from around the world. Fromlavish buffet breakfasts by the pool to fine dining at the legendary Lighthouse, every mealisanother opportunity for you to relish afavourite ortry something more daring.

Experiences at Baros

The lagoon beckons you tojump in, to swim with turtles and glide over corals. A sailing adventure temptsyouacross the seas, to see what you can see beyond our atoll. Champagne fizzes in your glass as you toast to another unforgettable Baros moment. A million experiences await you on and aroundour legendary isle.

Moments like these abound at Baros. From daytime excursions on land and sea to intimate ceremonies and bespoke destination dining, Baros inspires blissful memories that will linger long after you have left our shores.

Underwater at Baros

A shoal of barracuda glides gracefully on a tropical current. A turtle rises languorously from the depths. When you’re at Baros, you have a world of incredible marine life within a short swim of your villa.

Wade into the lagoon and discover a world of bewitchingbeauty, with colourful fish and turtles drifting through the house reef, just 20 metres from shore. Or choose from the dozens of world-class dive sites less than an hour away from Baros a boon for divers and an incredible bounty this close to Mal.

There are many ways you can explore the Baros waters. Glide along the surface on a paddleboard or transparent canoe, plunge into a neon-coloured world of corals during a night dive or let our resident Marine Biologist guide you on a personalised journey of underwater discovery.

The Spa at Baros

A haven of relaxation, a sanctuary hidden inthe trees Serenity Spainvitesyou into a world of indulgentspa and beauty rituals. You can come here to escape for a few hours, or craft a personalised journey of wellness with a series of daily treatments. Everything here is designed to help you restore your balance and find your calm, from daily yoga sessions to therapeutic massage. For something beyond the ordinary, request a yoga session anywhere on the island, or enjoy a pampering treatment in the seclusion of your comfortablevilla.

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