Grand Black Sea & Mediterranean

Resort: Greece
Operator: Ambassador Cruises
Destination: Europe
Price From: £2599.00

Europe is a continent of incredible contrasts and ancient cultures, and this month-long extravaganza brings you the very best it has to offer. From Bulgaria, with its rich medieval history, to sun-drenched Limassol in Cyprus; from Istanbul, where east meets west in a glittering array of minarets and street bazaars, to ancient Athens; and from the Cannakale’s toweringTrojan Horse welcoming you to ancient Troy to the proudly British high-rise exclave of Gibraltar, Europe will become a colourful and absorbing pageant that will delight and thrill.

Cruise Highlights


Sun-drenched Palermo has a history stretching back more than 2,700 years and the architecture to match, with its breathtaking Romanesque, Gothic, Baroque and Art Nouveau churches and palaces.

Canakkale for Troy

Canakkale welcomes you into the city with its towering Trojan horse guarding the waterfront. Choose to visit the UNESCO World Heritage Cultural Site of Troy or discover the Gallipoli battlefields at the Historic National Park of the Gelibolu Peninsula.

Kusadasi for Ephesus

Now a popular and bustling cruise port, the Turkish town of Kusadasi was once a sleepy fishing village until the extraordinary ruins of the ancient city of Ephesus was discovered nearby. Should you choose to visit, Ephesus is a must once the glorious Roman capital of Asia Minor and the site where St John and the Virgin Mary spent their last days.


The bridge between the east and west, Istanbul is one of earths most vibrant and exciting metropolises. Nowhere else can you dance across two continents and immerse yourself in a vibrant hub oozing decadence and history.


The largest Mediterranean port and your gateway to Athens. Journey to the stunning Acropolis and witness remnants of Ancient Greece. Walk in awe of its historic significance whilst also soaking in new creative, contemporary energies.


Your gateway to the home of some of the holiest sites on earth. Be sure to take time to visit the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem, or the Tomb of King David in Jerusalem.


The gateway to Cairo and the majestic pyramids, this legendary city will journey you back to 331BC. Be stunned by the towering Pharos Lighthouse as soon as you arrive, once one of the Seven Wonders of the World.


Fall in love with the power of this Sicilian city, lying in the shadow of the awe-inspiring Mount Etna, as you submerge yourself in intense flavours and romantic heritage.


Capture a slice of home at the southern tip of the Iberian Peninsula: a remarkable symbol of British navy strength. The Rock will leave you feeling on top of the world!


23/10/22 London Tilbury (United Kingdom)
24/10/22 at sea (At Sea)
25/10/22 at sea (At Sea)
26/10/22 Leixoes, for Oporto (Portugal)
27/10/22 at sea (At Sea)
28/10/22 Cadiz (Spain)
29/10/22 at sea (At Sea)
30/10/22 at sea (At Sea)
31/10/22 Palermo, Sicily (Italy)
01/11/22 at sea, cruise Strait of Messina (At Sea)
02/11/22 at sea, cruise the Dardenelles Strait (At Sea)
03/11/22 Istanbul (Turkey)
04/11/22 Burgas (Bulgaria)
05/11/22 Constanta (Romania)
06/11/22 at sea, cruise the Dardanelles & Bosphorus Straits (At Sea)
07/11/22 Canakkale (Turkey)
08/11/22 Kusadasi, for Ephesus (Turkey)
09/11/22 Piraeus, for Athens (Greece)
10/11/22 at sea (At Sea)
11/11/22 Limassol (Cyprus)
12/11/22 Haifa, for Jerusalem (Israel)
13/11/22 at sea (At Sea)
14/11/22 Alexandria, for Cairo (Egypt)
15/11/22 at sea (At Sea)
16/11/22 at sea (At Sea)
17/11/22 Catania, Sicily (Italy)
18/11/22 at sea (At Sea)
19/11/22 at sea (At Sea)
20/11/22 Gibraltar (Gibraltar)
21/11/22 at sea (At Sea)
22/11/22 at sea (At Sea)
23/11/22 at sea (At Sea)
24/11/22 London Tilbury (United Kingdom)


Note:In the event of adverse weather/sea conditions that prevent the ship from calling at one of the scheduled ports, alternative arrangements will be made where possible.

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