Greenland and Atlantic Canada – Expedition of History, Culture and Nature (Itinerary 2)

Resort: Greenland and Atlantic Canada – Expedition of History, Culture and Nature (Itinerary 2)
Operator: Hurtigruten
Destination: United States Of America
Price From: £4941.00


On this voyage, we experience the raw natural beauty of Greenlands western and southern coasts before exploring how Inuit culture and communities have spread to eastern Canada, intertwined with the history of Canadas early Settlers. Naturally, you can also expect there to be beautiful landscapes and plenty of wildlife-spotting opportunities.


Day 1 Kangerlussuaq, Greenland

Starting with a flight from Copenhagen, you arrive late in the evening at the international airport in Kangerlussuaq. After a transfer to the port and embarkation on your expedition ship MS Fridtjof Nansen, we will sail almost the entire length of the fjord (190km) before reaching the open sea.

Day 2 Sisimiut

Sisimiut is the second largest town in Greenland, situated 40 km north of the Arctic Circle. It is a modern, growing settlement with a history that goes back 4,500 years. For example, its name means `The People Living in a Place of Fox Dens. Visit the museum, shop for handicrafts, or hike in the hills.

Day 3 Ilulissat

The stunning scenery of the Ilulissat Icefjord has earned it the designation as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. At the mouth of the fjord you can see enormous icebergs that have run aground. These ice masses originate from the Jakobshavn Glacier, one of the fastest-moving and productive glaciers in the world.

Day 4 Vaigat Sound

We now arrive at the northernmost point in our itinerary. There are several excellent landing sites in Vaigat Sound offering breathtaking landscape and Arctic flora. Our experienced captain and Expedition Leader will take advantage of the current weather and ice conditions to identify our activity for the day.

Day 5 Evighed Fjord

On one side of the meandering Evighed Fjord is an ice cap that often crashes massive chunks of ice into the water. Around us are the highest mountains in West Greenland with peaks, up to 2,000 m (6,600 ft.) in height, sometimes swirling with mist. Conditions on the day will determine the final programme and the range of activities on offer by the Expedition Team.

Day 6 Nuuk

Nuuk is the oldest town in the nation, founded in 1728. It has a beautiful setting, at the mouth of one of most spectacular fjord systems in the world. This is a place where old and new traditions meet, from picturesque old buildings in Kolonihaven to the modern architecture of the Greenland Home Rule structure.

Day 7 Labrador Sea

We leave Greenland and head for open sea. We will cross the southern part of the Labrador Sea, sailing towards Newfoundland and Labrador in Canada. Wind down and watch the waves aboard the ship, or enjoy a lecture from the Expedition Team.

Day 8 Makkovik

Our first call in Canada is this welcoming town in northern Labrador made up of 360 people from diverse backgrounds and heritage. Visit the White Elephant Museum and learn more about the mixed history here, stroll through the inspiring Poet’s Path, or hike along the boardwalk for stunning views of icebergs and the Atlantic Ocean.

Day 9 Rigolet

Located on Hamilton Inlet and nestled in a sheltered cove at the entrance to Lake Melville, this picturesque town is the southernmost officially recognised Inuit community in the world and we will learn about its unique traditions and history. Minke (known locally as ‘grumpus’) and humpback whales are also commonly observed in the nearby waters.

Day 10 Red Bay

Preserved in the ice-cold waters, the remains of several 17th century Basque whaling ships have led to the town being designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Visit the local museum that documents this interesting history or take the trail up to Tracey Hill for scenic views, and where, legends say, pirate captain Kidd buried treasure.

Day 11 Corner Brook

Located at the mouth of the Bay of Islands and Humber River, Corner Brook is the second largest city in the province and local to the core. Explore the city centre or enjoy its many walking trails along the Humber River, decorated at this time of year with vibrant autumn leaves.

Day 12 At Sea

The adventure is drawing to an end. Spend time with the other guests and the Expedition Team reviewing the many exciting experiences you shared during our voyage together.

Day 13 Halifax

Your journey comes to an end in Halifax, capital of Nova Scotia. There are red-brick heritage buildings, parks, a landmark citadel, some world-class museums, and a 4km seafront boardwalk. If you can, we definitely recommend spending extra time exploring here with our Post-Programme before you head home.

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