Iceland Northern Lights & Golden Circle

Resort: Iceland Northern Lights & Golden Circle
Operator: G Adventures
Destination: Iceland
Price From: £806.65

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Iceland’s otherworldly aura seems to heighten at the winter months, when viewing of the Northern Lights is at its peak and the contrast between the cool, crisp air and its steaming geothermic hot springs heightens. Couple that with hiking through ingvellir National Park, visiting horse farms, exploring lava caves, and chasing waterfalls, and you’ve got yourself a spectacular winter adventure like no other.


Day 1

Arrive at any time.

Day 2

Travel from Reykjavk to explore a lava cave in the Blfjll Mountains. In the afternoon stop at an Icelandic horse farm before returning to lftr. In the evening, head out near the guesthouse in search for Northern Lights.

Day 3

Head to ingvellir National Park. Visit sights like the Geysir Hot Spring and Gullfoss waterfall. Opt to visit a natural hot spring. In the evening, embrace your inner chef and prepare dinner together at the guesthouse. Afterwards, head out for another Northern Lights hunt around the guesthouse.

Day 4

Travel to Slheimajkull glacier and take some time to explore the area, or opt for a stunning hike. Drive the scenic southern coast and visit the Skgafoss and Seljalandsfoss waterfalls on the way back to Reykjavk.

Day 5

Depart at any time.

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