Southern Africa Overland: Canoes & Camp-Outs

Resort: Southern Africa Overland: Canoes & Camp-Outs
Operator: G Adventures
Destination: Zimbabwe
Price From: £1251.75

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Now’s the time to explore Africa on your terms with this tour that’s affordable for young travellers. Wildlife, wilderness, and wow-worthy camp outs make up this 15-day exploration of South Africa, Botswana, and Zimbabwe. Hop aboard one of our Landos (overland adventure vehicle) and go searching for the big five in Kruger National Park, check out Victoria Falls, and look for rhinos on-foot in Matobo National Park. Dont let anything extra get between you and the expansive scenery camp out, sing songs around the fire with locals, and travel by mokoro canoe. When you’re down here, the more time spent outside, the better.


Day 1
Victoria Falls

Arrive at any time.

Tonight, head out with your CEO and group to further explore together in Victoria Falls. Sip a drink at Shearwater Village after your welcome meeting. Sit back, relax, enjoy the rushing sound of the falls, down a beer, and get to know your fellow travel mates as the adventure begins.

Day 2
Victoria FallsMatobo National Park

Rise early to the sounds of Victoria Falls thundering in the distance before the group heads out on the long, but scenic drive to Matobo National Park. Take this time to enjoy the scenery, get to know your group more, and reflect on what you hope to gain from taking this trip.

Day 3
Matobo National Park

Huge granite masses, land that has been walked on for forty thousand years, and a peaceful quiet that will have you wondering why you would ever want to return to the hustle and bustle of the modern world are what await you on this visit to Matobo National Park in Zimbabwe.

Hop aboard an open wildlife safari vehicle and bump along past huge granite masses shaped by time and the elements in search of the stunning wildlife that call this small park home.

We recommend keeping those eyes peeled and cameras at the ready to capture the famous White Rhino, the spiritual and almost eerie atmosphere make this park one of the best places in the world to see this creature.

Day 4
Matobo National ParkTshipise

Another day, another slice of adventure! Make the most of your day getting to know the people in your group. Share past travel stories, take backseat bus selfies, and watch as the African scenery passes you by on your way across the border into South Africa. In the evening sit back, relax, tip your head to the sky and bask in the warm water of the mineral pool at our campsite.

Day 5
TshipiseKruger National Park

Welcome to wildlife country! Kruger is the kind of place that youll visit, but still want to return to over and over again. With nearly 5 million acres this park offers some of the best access to wild animals in Africa, so prepare for an epic time (but you already knew that!) Keep those cameras at the ready and experience your ultimate African safari fantasy become a reality.

Search for lions, elephants, rhinos, and many other animals on a full-day wildlife safari drive. Word of advice? Remember that its not all about the animals. This sprawling sanctuary is home to much more; think giant baobab, fever, and marula trees towering over the savannah in a place that feels older than time itself. Stop at prime viewing areas like Hippo Pool, the Kruger Tablets, the Red Rocks and simply revel in your primitive surroundings as nature moves around you.

Day 6
Kruger National ParkGreater Kruger Area

Yesterday, was only a taste of the beauty that resides in the National Parks of South Africa. Today, you will head out into Kruger NP again on another wildlife safari drive in the Lando. (Upgrade alert! You can choose to embark on this experience in a 4×4 safari vehicle instead.)

Take your gaze to the sky today and try to search for all of the things you didnt get to yesterday. In the evening fill your bellies with a traditional dinner together, then grab someones hand and work up a sweat with some local dancing as the night settles around you.

Day 7
Greater Kruger AreaJohannesburg

While you may be leaving the bush behind today the memories will stay with you forever so dont despair, instead look ahead with excitement as you journey back to Johannesburg; South Africas largest city and economic heart.

Wander this hip town, talk with the locals, grab a cup of coffee, and fall in love with Jozie like that old best friend from down the block. Seriously, the resurgence of this area will surprise you, so buckle up, and enjoy the ride!

Day 8

Spend the day with your friends giving Jozi some love! Perhaps youll enjoy this vibrant, up and coming South African city by wandering through museums like the Apartheid Museum and historic properties like the Mandela House. It the best way to soak in the history that shaped Johannesburg. Or sample food, music, and art in the citys trendy neighbourhoods like Melville and give yourself time to relax and unwind as the day unfolds.

Day 9

Get ready to check another country off those travel lists as you and the group pass across the border into Botswana. Were not going to lie today will be a lot of driving, but use this opportunity to talk with your group, swap stories, and watch as the landscape changes around you from the desolate scenery of central-eastern Botswana to the wild bush within the Khama Rhino Sanctuary. The group will stop here for the night to set up camp, enjoy each other’s company around a fire, and fall peacefully asleep beneath the stars.

Day 10

You didnt think the group was leaving before taking part in a wildlife drive through the Khama Rhino Sanctuary did you? Good, because theres not a chance. Get out there in an open air vehicle with a guide to spot some of these beautiful creatures. Bump along as the light turns everything gold before your eyes and be on the lookout for rhinos, zebras, and ostriches before returning to your campsite.

Jump in the Lando and continue on to Maun, scroll through your camera roll checking those pictures while the land outside your window becomes more fertile as you approach the area of the Okavango Delta. You might be looking for something adventurous after a day of travel so choose to take a scenic flight over the delta to get those hearts thumping like the beat of African drums.

Day 11
MaunOkavango Delta

Today is going to be busy, but fun and man do we wish we were going with you on this epic adventure.

Youll wake to the sound and smell of the bush around you and then dive right into some nature with a wildlife walk. The cool thing about being on foot is that you will get to learn about tracking the animals and gain insight into their movement patterns and behaviour on a much more intimate level.

From there the group will begin an exciting excursion deep into the Okavango delta in a traditional mokoro (dugout canoe) to do some birdwatching on the way to our basic bush camp for the evening (get ready to completely unplug). Set up camp, sing with the locals, and simply unwind with a sundowner around the campfire cheers!

Day 12
Okavango DeltaGweta

Africa is home to some of the most beautiful sunrises in the world and today (if the weather is just right) you will get to experience the almost too vibrant colours of that quintessential sunrise that we all picture when we think of going on safari to Africa.

Then, tip your heads back, take a deep breath, and feel the mokoro cut through the crystal clear channels as you ride out of the Okavango Delta. The group will take some time to freshen up in Maun (showers everyone!) before embarking in the Lando to Gweta where the group will camp under massive baobab trees for the night.

Day 13

Rise early to the sounds of nature around you and choose to embark on a morning safari or river cruise through Chobe NP (home to the largest elephant population in southern Africa) before travelling north with your group to Kasane.

I bless the rains down in Africaaaaa ahh we can just hear it now… (and it has never sounded so good!) because surely someone is bound to play this song as you drive through the verdant lands between Gweta and Kasane. Turns out Toto knew what they were talking about because the rains in Africa are no joke. Rain brings life to the pans awakening the dormant fish and aquatic shrimps from the mud. The surrounding grasslands also teem with life and are home to many antelope, which attract a wide variety of predators. Keep your eyes focused as the world passes you by and then reward yourself with a group toast as you camp under the great big African sky.

Day 14
KasaneVictoria Falls

Buckle those seat belts and cross the border from Botswana to Zimbabwe; home of epic Victoria falls. All that driving is bound to make you hungry and we have a treat for you today! The group will be having a traditional lunch at the G Adventurers supported Lusumpuko Women’s Club. With full bellies and even more full hearts get ready to feel the mist in the air as you enter the town of Victoria Falls.

Get up close and personal with one of the largest waterfalls in the world. For the adventurous we recommend going whitewater rafting, taking a scenic helicopter flight over the falls (epic selfies anyone?), or taking the plunge (literally) while bungee jumping with Victoria Falls in sight. (Oh man… just thinking of that makes our heads spin and our palms sweat!) Not looking to turn your hair gray today? Thats okay we understand, you could also enjoy a nice cold beer at a bar overlooking this world wonder. Either way the choice is yours, but remember youre here now so why not escape those comfort zones?

Day 15
Victoria Falls

Depart anytime.

Alas all good things must come to an end… or do they? If you aren’t ready to go home just yet talk with your CEO about extending your adventure and get to know more of Zimbabwe or beyond!

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